Resort Tax and GrainauCard

The GrainauCard ("Guestcard") and resort tax ("Kurbeitrag")

Please request a registration slip ("Meldeschein") at your accommodation
when you check in. After filling this out, you will receive a valid GrainauCard ("Guestcard"). In addition to entitling you to numerous benefits in Grainau, the GrainauCard Ticket also offers you attractive discounts in all of the towns in the Zugspitzland vacation region!




Resort Tax

from 1st of December 2013

per adult per day 2,50 €
children ages 6 through 16

1,00 €


Resort Tax

from 1st of January 2019

per adult per day 2,80 €
children ages 6 through 16 1,00 €

Some important information

Severely disabled pass holders
100 % for the pass holder. Both the pass older and the certified escort are exempt from paying the resort tax. 80% and 90 % severely disabled pass holders pay half-price.
Please show your severely disabled pass in the resort administration's office.