Many ways to lead the summit

You can expect the highest peak pleasure!

Mountain and mountain chains as far as your eye can see.

Never mind if in an altitude of 2,962 metres on the Zugspitze, in the area of Alpspitze and Kreuzeck, on Wank or Eckbauer: "Gipfelstürmer" hover over the clouds. Experience the highest attractions of Germany and let get this summer to your very special highlight in life.

The Zugspitze

No matter what expectations active summer guests arrive with at the Zugspitze, they will most certainly be exceeded. Almost 3,000 metres of rock faces are more than enough terrain for adventurous day trippers and glacier visitors, sporty alpine hikers and climbers, summer sledders and gourmets. And after so much exercise in the fresh mountain air, everything tastes twice as good in one of the four catering establishments on the Zugspitze.

Alpspitze and Kreuzeck (Garmisch-Classic)

Get close to one of the most remarkable and beautiful rock faces of the northern Alps by the Alpspitz round trip! It combines Alpspitze and Kreuzeck in one ticket.

Mountain lovers’ hearts beat a little faster at Garmisch-Classic. Sometimes it is because they are indulging in an enjoyable and pulse stimulating activity. But always because of the scenic beauty and variety of mountain experiences available to visitors of all ages.

Panorama mountain Wank

The Wank is our typical panorama hill. Get overwhelmed on top of it and enjoy the amazing round view to Alpspitze, Zugspitze and the striking Waxensteine.

The Eckbauer (Eckbauer- and Graseck-cable car)

On Eckbauer you have a picturesque view to all directions. Appropriate paths and trails extend as far as the eye can see. Meadows, forest, the castle of Elmau... there are a lot of things to see. Do not forget to visit the highest parish of Germany, called Wamberg. It's nice and tiny and ideal for families.

Please mind: The Eckbauer Cable Car is going to be rebuilt. For that reason there is no possibility to use it until approximately May 2019.

More information to the cable cars:

Please mind the maintenance work periods in autumn.