Alpspitze and Kreuzeck

World of Garmisch-Classic area

Mountain lovers’ hearts beat a little faster at Garmisch-Classic. Sometimes it is because they are indulging in an enjoyable and pulse stimulating activity. But always because of the scenic beauty and variety of mountain experiences available to visitors of all ages.

Experience Alpspitze

The Alpspitz Peak towers majestically over the Garmisch-Classic Region. Families with children and keen older hikers are whisked up effortlessly by the Alpspitzbahn lifts to their “Audience” with the “Jewel” of Werdenfelser Country and its unspoilt natural landscapes, with some of the most spectacular panoramic views of Germany, quiet spots and original mountain restaurants.

The viewing platform AlpspiX

Just above the summit station of the Alpspitzbahn cable car, two steel beams form a floating X over a vertical drop of almost 1,000 metres. No later than when the glazed end of the 25 metre long bridge is reached, incredulous “Wow’s” are elicited from the lips of even hardened mountaineers and climbers as they take in the unrestricted wide and deep views of the snow covered Zugspitze, Waxensteine, gigantic Alpspitze north face and down to the untamed Höllental valley.

Get close to one of the most remarkable and beautiful rock faces of the northern Alps by the Alpspitz round trip!

Experience Kreuzeck

Also a central part in our amazing mountain world is the Kreuzeckbahn.

It is optimal as a starting point for numerous hikes and walks. From gentle paths to wild gorge crossings: You will experience the whole variety of our Werdenfelser mountain world.

Kreuzeck is the adventure park for big and little ones. Enjoy the meadows und gentle mountain hills. For example do a short walk to the Hochalm. You always have a breathtaking view to the shapely Alpspitze and the imposing limestones of the Wetterstein.

Easy hikes lead you through the height world above Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Grainau and invite you to take a break at a hut, like Kreuzeckhaus, Kreuzjochhaus or Kreuzalm. All of them indulge you with a substantial Brotzeit and typical Bavarian dishes.

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