Culture and Traditions

Original charm, Bavarian tradition and customs that are still alive today - the mixture that makes Grainau so unique

If you love Upper Bavarian traditions and customs that are still part of day-to-day- life,
Grainau is the place to come to. A broad and diverse program of events offers an opportunity to experience the warm hospitality and love of homeland of Grainau's inhabitants and to immerse yourself in the life of an alpine village. However – besides Bavarian folkloric dress and traditions, great festivities and celebrations, Grainau also offers many different concerts and theater performances.

Things get really hot in the winter – during the Mardi Gras season, Fasching.
The Fasching season is celebrated like nowhere else in the Werdenfelser Land.
When the local band plays at the "Kur" concerts , it's hard to remain seated. And this is
but one of the numerous cultural attractions that make Grainau a vacationer's paradise
the year round.

The Corpus Christi Procession, which is especially colorful in Grainau, is a must-see
in the late spring. And you'll want to make sure to pencil another event in your calendar:
The St. John's Fires on June 23rd. That's when the menfolk of the village scramble up
the mountains around Grainau to light dozens of fires in lofty places in the rocks. Then
the entire Waxenstein ridge appears like a veritable chain of lights.

Enjoy true Bavarian fun in Grainau in the summertime: At the traditional evenings with
local foods and customs, Heimatabende and Park Fests (Culture Evenings), you can enjoy yodeling, Schuhplattler dancing, traditional sawing and tapping of beer kegs to your heart's content.
And there's the Grainau Farmer's Theater to entertain you from mid of May until October. Even if you don't understand the Bavarian dialect, you will be sure to find the scenery and action most entertaining!

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