The Höllental gorge

The Höllental gorge ("Hell's Valley Gorge") - a helluvan experience!

Treat yourself to a truly unique nature experience in Grainau:
Walk through the one-and-only Höllental gorge.

Do you crave wild romance? Then a hike through the Höllental gorge is just for you. You can discover the pristine charm of pure nature with all your senses. The Hammersbach stream with glacier run-off carves its way down through the high mountains, tumbling over boulders and dropping over cliffs into pools with milky foam, roaring and thundering along the way.
Some of the adventurous sections of the trail go through electrically lit tunnels where you
can hear the dampened pounding of the wild water through small windows. The air you
inhale is fresh and clear, particularly refreshing on a hot summer's day. The Höllentalklamm gorge is easily accessible, has a length of about 1 km (0.6 mi) and offers an experience entirely distinct from any other gorge.

Hiking information

Point of departure:
Obergrainau village plaza or the hikers' parking lot in Hammersbach

Follow the signs to the alpine lodge at the bottom entrance to the gorge, the Klammeingangshütte (1047 m), which you will reach after approx. 1 to 1 ½ hours (snacks, cake and coffee, small meals available). Hike through the gorge, passing through tunnels in the cliffs (electric lighting) and going over small bridges and up steps, until you reach the end of the gorge at 1193 m (3914 ft) above sea level after approx. 45 minutes.

It is worth going the extra meters to the Höllentalangerhütte, the alpine lodge further on
up with a splendid view and food and lodging. The wide green valley here reveals a view of the Waxenstein peaks, the Riffelwände walls and the Höllentalferner glacier with the towering peak of Zugspitze 2962 m (9,717 ft) in the background. To return, follow the route going to the Neuneralm alpine meadow lodge above Obergrainau as described under "Höllentalklamm". The trail is a little more strenuous when going from Hammersbach,
but the extra effort is rewarded by gorgeous views.

Important tips:
We recommend ankle-high hiking boots and rain gear. Bulky objects such as baby carriages and bicycles are not permitted in the Höllentalklamm gorge. Temperatures
in the gorge are always cool, even on hot summer days. Therefore, make sure to dress accordingly. The Höllentalklamm gorge is in alpine terrain, so be sure to always exercise the necessary caution. If you are taking children along, it is advisable to secure them with
a rope and maybe a harness.

Opening hours:
The Höllental gorge is closed for winter season and will be opened in spring 2019.

Places to stop for a bite to eat:
Höllentalklamm-Eingangshütte: is closed until spring 2019, phone +49 8821 8895
Höllentalangerhütte: is closed until spring 2019, phone +49 163 5542274
more information here!

Entrance fee per person (up and down):

Adults:                                              5,00 EUR
DAV members:                                  2,00 EUR
Children (7 to 17 years)                      2,00 EUR
Children (7-17 Jahre), DAV member    1,00 EUR
Children until 6 years: free of charge
Group tickets:                                    3,00 EUR

A museum at the gorge entrance showing interesting cultural exhibits was opened in July, 2011. The exhibits in the museum cover the following topics: Mining and ore mining - History of Höllental, the "Valley of Hell" – History of the Höllentalklamm gorge - General history. Entrance to the museum is included in the gorge entrance fee.

Detailed information on the  Höllentalklamm gorge in Grainau