Hiking information

You like hiking? Then Grainau is perfect for you. Enjoy the charming mountain world and the originally nature directly under the Zugspitze.

You can do a lot! Wheather you like it cozy or quite extreme when hiking to the very top of the Zugspitze. Or you have your kids with you and like it more pleasant. It really doesn't matter, we got it all for you here in Grainau!

Discover the variety of walking and hiking! And we help you with good and topical hiking informations. Have a look...!

The "Grainauer Wanderbücherl"

The "Wanderbücherl", so called hiking booklet, gives you an overview of 44 walks and hikes in various difficulty. Tours in Grainau and surroundings, even in alpine areas. To get a better glimpse you receive a map with all marked tours. So get outside and indulge!

You can buy the "Grainauer Wanderbücherl" in our office of the Tourist-Information for 4 Euros.


The "Kompass Wanderkarte"

Unique and very detailled: The tailor-made hiking map, especially made for Grainau and surroundings, like Garmisch-Partenkirchen.
Highest standard and accuracy is guaranteed by this special edition.
The map specialist company „Kompass“ co-works with the latest digital cartography.

You can purchase our hiking map in our office. 5.50 Euro per piece.

Hiking fun for the big and little ones. The aim: The "Grainauer Wandernadel"

If you want to purchase the "Grainauer Wandernadel", it is a button in gold, silver or bronce, you can gather points. Enter them in the "Wanderpass"  so you get a good overview about your achievements.
Just hop in and ask for the "Grainauer Wandernadel" and we will give you more informations.

The "Wanderpass", it is like a guide for your completed tours, is for free and you get in our office of the Tourist-Information. If you want to buy the "Wandernadel" you can purchase it for 3 Euros.

And now we wish a lot of fun and a pleasant stay in the Zugspitzdorf Grainau!