Adventure Trailrunning

Lonesome trails, soft forest floor, wide views, blue lakes,...

Ongoing discover the magical region around the Zugspitze and Grainau. Choose from four signposted, different long and difficult trail rounds and sort out your favorite trackFrom 8 to 43 km and from 200 to 2000 meters altitude. There is something for every one here.

Together with the community Ehrwald in the Tyrolean Zugspitze region and under funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the trail running routes have been planned and expanded across borders around the Zugspitze.

Try it and start your personal trailrunning adventure in Grainau! Palpitation is included.

More information can be found in our brochure:

Trailrunning in GRAINAU (PDF)
Trailrunning in EHRWALD (PDF)


The four trail running routes in Grainau

Grainau-Hoehenrain Round (easy) - 8.80 km - 200 altitude
The Hoehenrain Round is suitable for absolute beginners in trail running sportsWith moderate climbs, but
but all the beautiful views from the height Rain down at the Grainau or the impressive Waxenstein- and Zugspitzmassiv thrilled this lightweight and rhythmic track on comfortable hiking trails without difficult trail sections.

Grainau-Badersee Round (ambitious) -16 km - 518 altitude
The Round Badersee in Grainau is an ideal trail running track for ambitious beginners in this fascinating sportWith a spectacular start to the entrance of Höllentalklammthe panorama below the Waxensteinkamm and comfortable end over the crystal clear Badersee it offers variety and pleasure. And, of course, can also be migrated normally to her.

Grainau Eibsee Round (challenging) - 22.30 km - 621 altitude
Around this beautifully situated mountain lake the Eibsee-round is mainly
on trails without difficult trail sectionsYour claim arises rather from the length and to be overcome height difference, for a full half marathon distance combined with more than 600 meters above sea level
uphill and downhill requires a really good physical condition and experienced runners.

Grainau-Toerlen Round (extremely- 43.30 km - 1983 altitude
The cross-border Toerlen Round of Grainau Ehrwald and back is the highlight for ambitious and powerful Trail Runner. Although the 43-km and almost 2000 meters require a superior conditionbut make up for it with the most beautiful and most interesting sections of track that has to offer the region.